The boys are cooking up something special for next week, so in the mean-time, let’s talk ’bout business, shall we?

There are a lot of debates of late about running your own business. New innovations creating a new job market that benefit a growing generation. My generation in particular remembers the IT bubble bursting, taking a lot of businesses with them. To not repeat those mistakes, many business owners have taken several precautions. We currently have a healthy and growing video games market in Sweden. To which will generate many more jobs in the near future!

I’ve been a contractor for a very long time and have recently launched my own venture as well. I know very well how business owners work most of the time. They demand loyalty from their workers without promising the same. When you start replacing loyal workers, that, I think, is when you are headed towards trouble.

How does this apply to game development? Well, the best games in my opinions are created by good friends with a passion for what they do: solidarity and teamwork is what makes a good business grow. I hear horror stories from various job markets about becoming replaced as soon as someone more affordable comes by. That kind of business model usually only lasts a short while. They tend to get a spurt with one product or two but later on fade into the back pile.

How many times haven’t you’ve heard of a few friends in a basement, unemployed but in good spirits, coming up with the most innovative ideas?

From that I draw my following conclusion: if you are well to do, what is your motivation for innovation? Hungry young game developers want to not only see a game released and become a huge success but also create an income that puts blizzard to shame! They want to be in a position where they can create even more innovative games!

We’ve seen this before. Someone develops an awesome engine and creates a game on it. They then try to release new ideas but it never becomes like that one game they’ve released that was indeed original. Once you are running a business, you’ll look at other companies and games while trying to conclude on the most profitable and sold feature. These types of games usually do not bode well in the long run. They do not contribute something original to the gaming sphere and let’s face the facts that gamers today are very much spoiled.

This is where I turn your attention back to friendship. When you have fun with your co-workers and pick their brain for ideas, this is when you come up with one of the most innovative ideas this world is yet to see.

This is why I know why Triolith Entertainment will be around for a very long time.

You cannot get drunk so many times together and not come up with something amazing!

- Anna