Hello everyone!

It’s been quite silent from our end, hasn’t it? Well, do not be alarmed, it’s just us being busy! It is now time for us to once again break the silence and bring you some news! First off, let’s talk about the two (!) new games we will be releasing shortly for Apple iOS and Google Android!

We have started a project within the company with the goal to produce mobile games at a quick rate. We’ve split the studio into two development teams, working on two games in parallel. It has been a great change of pace from working on MEGATROID and we’ve had a lot of fun. We also noticed that MEGATROID has taught us a lot when it comes to efficiency, so we are very impressed with how quickly the two new games came about.

Cat Pirates
So, the first game is called Cat Pirates. It’s a game inspired by the SNES classic Bomberman but with a more simplified approach. Cat Pirates are trying to take your gold away, so your job is to place bombs and blow up the nasty kitties! The game spans 30 different levels with increasing difficulty and the power-ups that you pick up combine with each other. The game is a real challenge to beat and is surprisingly engaging!

You can read more about Cat Pirates here.

Mine Quest App IconMine Quest
Mine Quest is at the other end of the spectrum. If Cat Pirates is an arcade action game, Mine Quest is a laid-back casual experience which focuses on  mining the riches of the town of Sulphur and eventually finding the Master Diamond. When you arrive at Sulphur you are greeted by Ruby the Demoness, who is also a blacksmith. She can help you construct the tools you need in order to mine the Dragon Steel Mine where the Master Diamond is said to be located. Mine Quest gets its appeal from constantly upgrading your tools and going ever so deeper down the different mines. we’ve had several playtesters getting drawn in and lose track of time from trying the game!

You can read more about Mine Quest here.

Pirate Cats Mine Quest Development Triolith Entertainment

Various pictures from the development of Pirate Cats and Mine Quest by Triolith Entertainment

Cat Pirates and Mine Quest have already been submitted to the Apple App Store for review and are expected to be released in rapid succession in the coming weeks, provided that nothing goes wrong in the review process! You can be sure that we’ll let you know when that happens!

We’ve also started the concept phase for the next two games. We’ll see when we can share some info about those. Development on MEGATROID takes a backseat for a while, but do not worry, we are far from done with that game!

 Until next time, have fun out there!

- Marcus