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There isn’t anyone left alive who can remember a time without the Machine Empire, the Imperium; its reign has been brutal and consistent for generations.  The leader is referred to simply as The Emperor, though, no one knows what he looks like, or if he is even human. To anyone alive in this age, the Imperium might as well be as old as the stars.

The Imperium has countless stations and bases all over the galaxy; a vast network of unmanned colonies built by autonomous builder-robots and security droids, expanding the reach of the Imperium for expansion’s sake.

Such a widely spanning network is bound to have its weaknesses. Hali knows this. Her small ship easily slips by undetected and now she is also in the possession of an Imperial Warp Gate. With it, she is capable of transporting herself to any Imperial station to perform hit-and-run attacks, crippling the Imperium little by little. The Troids that lay scattered on these stations are precious trading currency on the black market, where Hali can spend her loot to purchase stronger weapons and gear to use in her struggle against the Imperium.

Hali must provide an address in order to transport herself to a given station. Because of the Imperium’s unimaginable size, any address she can think of is a viable choice. Whether it is a string of numbers or a word like “button” or even complete nonsense, the gate will transport her to a new station.

She is only one person, but little by little, she can cripple the Imperium’s grasp on the galaxy.

MEGATROID Heading - Story

The overarching story of MEGATROID focuses on Hali’s struggle against the Imperium, an all-encompassing galactic federation with automated battle stations spread out across the galaxy. The leader of the Imperium is referred to only as ‘The Emperor’, though not much is known about him at all. The real, physical threats to anyone in the galaxy are the battle stations and the battle droids.

In order to gain more information about the Imperium’s vast network of battle stations, Hali has to gather data from the station cores, the Megatroids.

The story of MEGATROID is not a finished one and will be developed in tandem with the development of the game.

Therefore, MEGATROID employs an episodic structure (called Chapters) that spans 10 character levels.



Hali is the protagonist and the one that the player controls. She is a red haired humanoid with green eyes and a lean figure.

Hali has taken it upon herself to uncover as much data and information as possible with the ultimate goal to rid the galaxy of the Imperium. She sees the Imperial battle stations and their battle droids as the biggest threats to the citizens of the galaxy.

Hali feels a deep concern for the safety of the citizens of the galaxy and gets angry when she hears about people being oppressed and assaulted by Imperial forces.


S.P.A.K.K. is Hali’s cheerful pet droid. S.P.A.K.K. is an acronym for Self Propelled Aerial Kinematic Kitten, a name that was given to him by Hali, as she found that his behavior was similar to that of a cheeky cat.  S.P.A.K.K. usually takes a positive stance to situations but can be incredibly stubborn whenever he communicates with Hali.

The Face-frames

The Face-frames are the governing AI’s of the Imperial battle stations. Each Face-frame controls a cluster of battle stations, usually around a planetary system and they are the main cause for oppression and terrorism against Imperial citizens. If a Face-frame is destroyed, attacks against the population in that sector are withdrawn and the battle droids enter a defense-only mode, meaning that they remain patrolling on their battle stations.

GRiN – Galactic Rebel Information Network

The only source of communication among rebel groups in the galaxy is relayed by GRiN, a highly fragmented and unstable network of rogue satellite moons and stations. Though highly muddled, GRiN is still better than nothing; being the only way for rebels to organize.

S.P.A.K.K. has a constant uplink to GRiN in order to alert Hali of any attacks or other news that the rebel force may dispatch through GRiN.

MEGATROID Official Game Page Heading - Concept

“MEGATROID is an intense action-platformer with near-infinite stage variation!”

Playing any of the old classic platformers, be it Super Mario Bros., Megaman or Sonic, you always play the same stages; often in strict order and structure: the stages are the same every time you play.

MEGATROID gives the player the possibility to generate a new stage at every session of play. Whether it’s your 100th, 1000th or even 10 000th time you boot up the game, you have the possibility of playing a stage you still haven’t played before.

The stages are generated by the simple act of typing something in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real word like “ball” or “fish”, or complete nonsense like “adpwg)(&#N”, the game will still accept it and generate a level based on it.

After generating a stage the game turns into a classic platformer where you have to make your way from start to finish. You have to run, jump, shoot and wall-hang your way to the end of the level and collect the treasures within. Each stage contains several ‘Credits’, treasures that you can use to buy upgrades!

As you progress through the stages you also earn experience points in order to gain character level. The stages determine the progression of the story, with different events occurring throughout the various chapters that span over 10 character levels each.

Liked/hated the stage you generated? Have your friends try it out! The game will generate the same stage on any device, across any platform, based on the same text input! Your stage “Master Chief Rulez!” will generate exactly the same stage on the phones of your friends!

MEGATROID follows the current trend of mobile games in that it’s free to play. The in-game store will feature items purchasable either by the game’s own currency or real money. Short of a few premium items, everything in the game can be earned by simply playing the game and collecting Credits. For those who aren’t afraid to spend a few bucks though, there’s always the option to purchase items with real money.

The game can and will be expanded dynamically, with new items like weapons, armor and power-ups being added to the in-game store with every update!


  • Free to play
  • Polished platforming action
  • Nearly infinite stage variation
  • Generated in-game store content
  • In-game store with purchasable items and upgrades
  • Catchy 8-bit inspired soundtrack

MEGATROID Official Game Page Heading - Store

To quote a certain other game: “87 bazillion guns!”

MEGATROID features two currencies in the game: Credits and Troids.

The only things that can be bought via In-App Purchase in MEGATROID are various bundles of Credits and Troids.
Troids are the trading currency in the Premium Market.
Credits are the trading currency in the Black Market.

Credits can also be acquired by simply playing the game and collecting the Credits that lay scattered on the stages that the player generates.

The Black Market

The whole point of the Black Market is to provide skeptics of the Free-to-play formula a viable choice to acquire new weapons and armor without paying real money. It also exists to provide the game with an everlasting supply of differentiated items, as the weapons and armor in the Black Market are procedurally generated!

Every 10 minutes, the Black Market renews its content that’s up for sale. The price of every item is based on the stats of the item and every item has different stats that are bound to their respective weapon level. Upon item generation, the Black Market creates a new assortment of items with a level-spread based on the player’s current level.

This will give the store assortment a wide price range, so that players can choose to buy a cheap but less effective weapon, or spend a greater amount of their accumulated fortune to buy a better model. They might also be compelled to exchange some Troids into Credits to get an item that’s just out of their price range.


The Black Market is just a distribution channel and so like every store it has different items of different brands. There are five (5) manufacturers present in the Black Market, each with its own Unique Selling Point and personality.

Drauger AggroTech Manufacturer LogoDrauger AggroTech

Drauger AggroTech are a brutish bunch that only care about maximizing the damage output of their weapons at the expense of fire rate and their armor focus on plain protection and increase in hit points. They constantly refer to the word ‘power’ in their marketing and aren’t afraid to simply tell you that you must buy their items.

Rengric Boutiques Manufacturer LogoRengric Boutiques

Rengric Boutiques fashion themselves as the fanciest brand out of the five. They’ve still got a lot of power in their weapons but aren’t as sluggish as Drauger. Their armor takes a focus on increasing the jumping height of the wearer.

Maqwuian Manufacturing Manufacturer LogoMaqwuian Manufacturing

Maqwuian Manufacturing couldn’t be less concerned about flair or extremes. Instead, they are the middle-ground, balancing the stats of all their weapons and armor. They like to use the words ‘reliable’ and ‘trusty’.

Orbus Labs Manufacturer LogoOrbus Labs

Orbus Labs is a company built on the foundations of science and research. They focus on numbers and statistics (mostly to just sound cool) but tend to opt for weapons with a high rate of fire. They have not yet developed a line of armor.

Galagic Industries Manufacturer LogoGalagic Industries

Galagic Industries can be best described as a gang of dudes who love extreme sports and energy drink binges. Their marketing language is as far away from business-like as you can get and their focus is on speed. Their weapons have an extreme rate of fire and their armor increase the running speed of its wearer.

The Premium Market

The Premium Market works as your standard in-game store with In-app purchases. Every item that’s up for sale can be purchased with Troids, that is, real money.

The items available are “hand-made”, so there are no templates or generated content. Everything is custom made to be the créme de la créme of the obtainable arsenal in the game. For instance, how about a heat-seeking missile launcher? Quad-barreled grenade launcher? An ancient alien artifact and weapon of mass destruction; I Am The Sun? Feel free to browse.


The weapons of the Premium Market focus on differentiation and uniqueness. Most weapon types in the Black Market are standard-issue run-of-the-mill weapons that you can expect in a lot of games, whereas the Premium Market harbors the really interesting stuff.


Premium Market armor follows the same formula as their weapon counterparts, in that they offer unique abilities or mixes in stats.


Modules are temporary enhancements that grant the player extra abilities during the play-through of a stage. Some examples include Credits Booster, XP Booster and Extra Life Pod Slots.


Hali - Main character of MEGATROID, without her helmet