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This is the official game page for Thunder BANG; the first game by Triolith Entertainment. It was released on Google Play 1 April 2011. Contrary to the dates’ controversy, Thunder BANG was and is no April Fool’s joke!

The game puts a heavy emphasis on action, reaction and speed. Main character and socially awkward super hero Thunder BANG has to defeat the hordes of incoming enemies using only his thunderous fists of justice! The player has to swipe the screen in four different directions to attack; one direction for each enemy.

Thunder BANG makes no effort to hide its silliness and simplicity; rather, the developers have embraced the over-the-top presentation reminiscent of 90’s show Power Rangers and similar shows. An embrace which is most prevalent in the game’s theme song: a catchy tune written and performed by one of the developers.

Thunder BANG features:

  • Six levels in Story Mode
  • Boss fights
  • Comic-style storytelling between levels
  • Endless Mode, the ultimate test of a hero’s endurance

Along with this release, the music featured in the game will also be available for listening/purchase at BandCamp. Triolith Entertainment is a multi-talented company and its developers aren’t limited to making games; music is also a part of their creative process! Fans that decide to purchase and download the full album will also be treated with guitar tabs, wallpapers and developer comments!